A Dedication to Otters

By: Deanne Wagner White

Cunning like a fox
And playful like a puppy
Sea Otters are very, very lucky

Long and sleek, their days are spent
Swimming in the ocean
Flowing gracefully through every motion

Otters also love to munch and snack.
Born with 32 strong teeth,
They enjoy cracking into their daily feast.

Always game for play,
Otters make the most of every day
Floating on their backs
And playing peak-a-boo with their paws.

But most of all,
They love the company of fellow Otters
Forming rafts and pursuing adventures.

Happy Otter Spotting!
Time to see an Otter with your own eyes.
At the zoo, at the aquarium or on the bay.

I know these amazing creatures will make your day!

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